Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thoughts from a Facebook discussion... enjoy.

Sometimes I get into (or stir up) debates on Facebook.  It helps me figure out what I really think and believe. Sometimes it even changes my views.  My friend Jeff Wilbur is a great guy to debate with, because he's very opinionated and always has great rationale for his views.  In fact, he has caused me to reshape my views a time or two.  Still, I tend agree with my own views more (duh, cause they're my views), and so I tend to think my own comments are awesomer, especially in terms of made-up words.

Anyway, Jeff helped me realize that my point of view on gay marriage is definitely founded in the gospel, and that's why it's so easy to ridicule: I can't prove the gospel.  It is pretty presumptuous of me to tell someone else, "You can't do that" when I have no proof that it's actually harmful.  Nevertheless, it is harmful, especially in an eternal sense.  Well, okay, fine then, let them "harm" themselves.  God gave us agency!  And so the debate goes.

Eventually I came up with this summary/explanation of why I would vote against gay marriage.  My rationale is based upon eternal principles that I know to be true, but cannot prove.  Sigh.  Now I'm going to be called names.  "Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad."  I'll try.

Undermining or changing societal norms hinders self-determination in that a person's moral views are greatly influenced by their environment, and we are constantly shaping the next generation's environment. Thus, we are manipulating the next generation's point of view and self-determination by actively (or idly) shaping our society.

Sending a memory-wiped spirit to a society that views the commandments as optional (or laughable) would greatly hinder God's children from determining to follow Him. By standing idly by as morals are generally ignored, we neglect the environment wherein God's children will begin their mortal lives.

I'm not saying it's up to me to tell people how to raise their children. We can teach our kids whatever we want in our homes. But if there's an item on the ballot that can either make our society more conducive to the acceptance of the gospel (including the commandments), or make the gospel seem outdated (including the commandments), I'll go with the one that will be more likely to have positive eternal effects on the next generation, even if my neighbor (or I, for that matter) wants to break the commandments anyway.

As an analogy, children in Utah are free to be Sacramento Kings fans, but that is rarely the case because of popular opinion in their environment. If being a Kings fan could bring eternal happiness, then I would want to raise my kids in Sacramento, even though I can teach them about the Kings myself.

Monday, October 10, 2011

An email to my dad.

My dad emailed me some wicked shots of my littlest brother Brian playing football today! YAY!!! I miss going to my brothers games so much. It was something we did all the time as a family. So I responded with the following email. ...The weather here is starting to get rainy again. It was WAY rainy in March and then stopped and hardly ever rained in July or August. Now we have had two rainy days in a row WOOT! WOOT! (which means I don't die of heat) Right now I am at a girls house in our ward. She had a baby about 7 weeks ago and is suffering really bad from post pardom depression. She also has been getting panic attacks on top of the depression so she does not sleep at all. The Relief Society sent around a sign up sheet to have women come and help her while her husband is at work. Poor thing. I can relate to the depression part, but on top of is she is dealing with just having had a baby! YIKES. But I'm grateful to have a new friend and to be able to help out how I can.

We just had our YW in excellence last week. (where we celebrate the girls working toward their YW medallion and look at the Personal Progress Projects completed this year. It was really cool to see what the girls have been up to. We have two girls in my class (Beehives) who are non-members but who come to church with their neighbors. Everything is so new to them. Kathy is 12 and is really shy, but she will try anything. Kayla, (her sister) turns 12 this month, but she has been coming to our Tuesday night activities. Kayla is way outgoing and lots of fun. They both were kind of confused by the whole Personal progress event, but we have had a few activities to explain what it is and how it works. When Kathy got up to talk about what she had done that year for PP (all the girls had to talk about one project they completed) she just froze. I was standing right by her and helped her out a bit. She said she was so nervous. I told her not to stress and that it will get loads easier in time. I am just starting to understand how the church teaches us to be public speakers and to take initiative in leadership.

We just had a planning meeting for the November activities (the Beehives are in charge that month). I gave a short lesson in individual worth and then the planning began! My lesson was pretty cool. Brett gave me the idea. I took a $5 bill out of my pocket and said,"Who wants this?" They all raised their hands. Next, I crumpled it up in my hand and said, "Now who wants it?" Again, every girls raised her hand. Then I marked it up with a pen and threw it on the floor and mashed it with my foot. I asked, "Anyone want it now?" The girls started to go crazy, "Yeah we want it!" Then I said, "Nope, it's garbage now, it belongs in the trash." So I threw it in the trash. Ha ha they starting to go after it in the trash can.
I said, "Hey! You don't want that! It's garbage! It's in the trash where it belongs!"
Ariane (one of my girls) said, "Well, it may be in the garbage but I still want it."
"Why?" I asked.
"Because it's still worth five bucks!"
"Exactly!" I said.

It was really cool to talk about how no matter what happens to us in our lives, we are always of worth to God, and we are all worth the same to God. Then we went to Moses chapter 1 and talked about how God knew Moses and spoke to him face to face. God knew Moses's name and called him His son and told him He had a work for Moses to do. It was a really cool lesson.

The girls had to come up with activities that focused on the YW value Individual Worth. They decided to do blind make-overs where the person putting on the makeup and styling the hair has a blindfold on! Ha ha then we will take "glamor shots" and have treats. Then, they decided to so some sort of activity where we make others feel good about themselves.. TBD. :)

Well, that is about all that is new in my life this week. OH WAIT! I launched Body Pump 79 this weekend with our director of group fitness Shelley Moore. She asked me to team teach with her when we "launched" the new set of choreography sent out by Les Mills. I LOVE TEACHING BODY PUMP! I am upping my lifting weight and getting stronger every time. I am also learning how to cue my class so that they can know what move is coming next and how many sets and so on. It is such a hard thing to be a motivating and technically accurate teacher. It's not hard to be accurate, but it is hard to know when to say what and how to help them have fun. Les Mills (the company that makes Body Pump) is great at making mock classes for us to watch on DVD so we get how they want us to teach, but it is still daunting. When I watch them, I think, "oh ya, I can do that, that's easy." But then I try to recreate it and I fail epically! So practice practice practice for me and also learning how to say more with less words. It is an art.

Well, I love you dad. Brett and I are getting REALLY excited to see you and the rest of the family in just 2 MONTHS!!!

Talk to you soon.

Love forever and ever,