Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday is a special day...


It is too funny that out of all the times in this past week I would choose to blog NOW. I have a "to do" list as long as my arm and at lest 3 hours of homework ahead of me.

But then I got to thinking about our plans for today (Saturday) and many silly comments Brett and I receive come to mind.

Something like...

"Oh yeah, it's so tough living in paradise."
"But guys, you live in HAWAII"
"Ya, but you live in Hawaii?"
"Everyday is a beach party cause you live in Hawaii!"
Ok so this last one not so much, but you get the idea.


Just wanted to fill you in on a
typical day in paradise. Looks super fun huh?
I know, I know try to hold back the shock of how
average and "just like yours" our life really is. We are in Brett's classroom doing homework and work on a
beautiful SATURDAY afternoon.

Brett is up to eyelids in work
these days. His only night off is Friday, and we have been going to St. Louis football games to cheer on his students. However, our plan may be backfiring because the games we attend are the games St. Louis ends up losing. Hmmmm...

BUT! We have lots of fun and I get to meet many of his students so I REALLY LIKE IT!
In Hawaiian culture, instead of shaking hands, the formal greeting is to give a kiss on the cheek. It's been interesting to get kisses from Brett's students, but I'm not complaining :)

So now it is Saturday and it is time for him to grade papers, answer parent emails ( oh how silly can some parents be), make lesson plans, and then maybe get in some studying of his own. I am studying now too, but I do have a bit more time on my hands than Brett. But don't fret! I'm not letting him have all the fun of being CRAZY busy by himself. :) Next week I start work as a substitute teacher for private schools. It is great part time work since Brett's job gives us insurance, and it gives me some time to actually try out Hawaii! (which I really could not do while working at Chicos) Oh Chicos... I. Don't. Miss. You. AT. ALL.

Well, I best be getting back to histology slides and memorizing 100 parts of the human body for my quiz next Thursday.

Thanks for taking the time to see how our Saturdays look :)

ps. IF you come to visit us, we PROMISE not to be this boring :)
We may even stop working on our computers long enough to take you to the beach!