Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Happy Memory

I'm sitting here listening to music by Andy Perkins, and I remembered a time when he and I played together at The Circuit in Midvale.  There were 5 performers that night, and they split the night into two parts - the other three went first, then Andy and I had our turn.  We each sat in a chair, and took turns standing up to the microphone.  We hadn't practiced anything together, though we occasionally added in a few notes on the guitar while we were sitting watching the other person.

IT WAS SO FUN.  I wish my family could have been there.  Soon after Andy and I got onstage, I said something like, "It's so fun to be playing with Andy, not only because he's my best friend, but also because I'm his biggest fan.  Seriously, if you look on my iTunes, the most played songs are his.  So Andy, if you have any trouble remembering lyrics, I can help you out."  The funny thing was he did need help - a few times in fact.  I'm not sure which was funnier: his slight pauses when he continued strumming, looked back at me, I sang the next line, and he nodded and kept singing; or the time when he paused, looked back at me, I shrugged my shoulders, and he looked back at the mic and made something up!  The audience laughed whenever either scenario occurred.  It was such a blast.

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missliss5/Melissa said...

I loved reading this :) And I wish so much I'd been able to be at that. I am pretty sure we were in Utah for one of Dan's rotations but it was like 6 weeks after I had a C section for Summer... REALLY wish I could have been t here. Just what you wrote made me smile and laugh. Good times.