Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fairbourn Family Vacation - Kauai!

We had a WONDERFUL family vacation in Kauai.  Heidi and I were there from June 17-26.  Time is slipping away, so I'm just going to post the video we made to say thank you to my mom and dad for the amazing vacation, and then a bullet list that Heidi and I made in the airport.  The list was supposed to act as an outline for a blog post, but now it is the blog post.  :)

Friday, June 17
  • Arrive w/ Richards and Dad
  • Dad drove slow for Heidi.  :)
  • Snorkeled – first day of GoPro
  • Watched Horatio Hornblower
  • Church
  • Snorkel together – no turtles
  • LeSueurs and Powelsons arrived
  • Fathers Day – trying to watch Sorcerer’s apprentice, interrupted many times!
  • Gave dad t-shirt
  • K&B announced pregnant!
  • Blue Room!
  • Secret Beach, lava pools, Dad happy as a kid in a bath tub. :)
  • Went to stores, Kayak Kauai
  • Day 2 of GoPro – turtles!
  • Killer Bunnies – Brett won!
  • Packed for hike, and hiked!
  • Hike: Heidi’s first backpacking, “IT’S BAD!” rainbows, rain sog, waterfalls, tadpolls, giant pineapple plants, crossing streams (get video from Chester), scary trails, sleeping in cave, waterfall shower, sleeping on sand w/ backpack pillow, midnight bathroom run.
  • Decided to get on the boat
  • Sea caves!
  • Wody (dog), and Captain Joe
  • Nap, Brett homework (lesson plan and video)
  • Diving with dad, diving with Dan.
  • GoPro day 3.
  • Hearts?
  • Queens Bath (we jumped together!)
  • Boogey boarding beach
  • Brett homework
  • Dan & Melissa shishkabobs and chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Boggle
  • Family pictures
  • Snorkeling at outer reef (alone) then inner reef (with big group) – mom stayed out longest, watched me go through tunnel, mom saw shark
  • Brittney and Heidi hung out
  • Pizza
  • Church – good talks about living within your means, and about being prepared.  Nephi’s perspective vs. Laman/Lemuel’s perspective.
  • BEST snorkeling with Heidi!!!  Two turtles, lots of tunnels, BIG school of fish, Heidi swam way out to deep water.
  • Heidi talked outside with the girls forever and got sunfried.
  • Brett packed and watched baseball and talked with Kent.
  • Drove with Le Sueurs.
SO MUCH FUN with my amazing family!!!

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