Friday, June 10, 2011

Two Dives at Sharks Cove

Well, the blog is WAY behind, but I know better than to wait for myself to catch up.  We haven’t written about Quinn and Kristy’s visit, or my parents’ visit, both of which were really great.  We also just had girls camp, which was SO much fun.

But I have a second right now to write about today.  Today I went on two dives with Geoff Bolton, James Larsen, and Jeff Hallstrom.  Holy canoli it was fun.  We dove at sharks cove (Dad, when you and I went, we missed the good stuff).  :(  On our first dive, we went in at the sandy spot at “Tables.”  Before long, Jeff and I found what I think might be called the “cathedral.”  It’s basically a huge room made out of rock and reef.  It has several entrances, and a ceiling.  We hung out in there for a little while just cause it was so dang cool.  We didn’t see much in terms of non-fish sea life on that dive.  At the end of the dive, I was VERY positively buoyant.  I must have had a bubble stuck in my BCD, because I was actually upside-down and kicking at our safety stop, fighting to stay at 15 feet.  That was not very fun.  When we surfaced, we were really far from shore.  On our way in, we saw a turtle.

The second dive was the best.  This time we actually started in Sharks Cove, and went out to the right.  There are TONS of swimthroughs and tunnels out there!  The largest tunnel we went through was long enough to be quite dark inside, although we could see light at the other end (otherwise we wouldn’t have gone in!).  At the other end, the light was coming from a vertical tunnel, and there was a five foot eel diving and swimming around!  Its full length would be visible just for a second as it dove down, and then it would disappear into the far side of the tunnel, which was pitch black.  Then suddenly it would show up in the light again.  SO cool.  There was a side tunnel out of that spot, which was more appealing than sharing the other one with an eel, so we swam out that way!  A few tunnels and ledges later, Jeff pointed out a turtle.  After that, he pointed out a crab that was dark with neon highlights.  About a foot below the crab, I noticed an eel tail.  I went around to the other side of the rock, and it was dark.  I had to stick my face in far enough to get in the rock’s shadow, and then I saw the eel’s face a few feet away.  It was a pretty big eel - I'm not sure what kind.  Dad and I learned from our dive guide in the Virgin Islands (though this has not been confirmed by another source) that eels open their mouths wide when they are relaxed, but if they’re sitting there with their mouth shut, then they are alert and more easily agitated.  Well, this one had his mouth shut.  I got a couple good looks, and then we moved on.  We saw some more of those colorful crabs, surrounded and scattered a school of yellowfin goatfish, saw another turtle, and finished our dive with a good 20 minutes at about 15 feet.  Our total dive time was just over an hour.  We had turned around after exploring a bunch of tunnels, so we were back at Sharks Cove when we surfaced.  It was a perfect dive, I LOVED the tunnels, and we saw some good wildlife.  Awesome.  I would love to have an underwater camera.  Swimming through tunnels, under ledges… I like finding schools of yellowfin goatfish in the shadows.  When they hang out in the open, they are blue and yellow.  When they get in the shadows, they turn pink and red.

See? :)

Afterwards, we got burgers at Kua’Aina.  Yum.

Now I have to work.  Boo.

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