Saturday, April 9, 2011

My letter to the Honolulu Court

Let's see if the judge that reads my letter is merciful...

Brett Fairbourn
Honolulu, HI 96815

Driver’s license: [Number]
Citation number: [Number]

District Court of the First Circuit,

I was cited for talking on my cell phone while driving on Ala Wai Boulevard.  The officer informed me that I could write a letter explaining “mitigating circumstances,” but I’m afraid I do not have a good excuse.  I was on my way to school, and my parents needed some information for their upcoming visit to Hawaii.  I was talking to my mom, and it could have waited.

I am writing, therefore, to apologize and request a second chance.  The cell phone law is a good one, and keeping both hands free while driving should be common sense.  Unfortunately, it required a citation for me to realize that I was acting against my better judgment, not to mention the law.  I am sorry for my actions, especially when I think of all the cars and pedestrians that crowd Honolulu.  All of my attention is required in any driving environment, and I made a bad decision.

Additionally, I sincerely cannot afford this $97 citation.  You probably hear a lot of sob stories; I considered attaching our March or April budget to illustrate this point.  My wife and I are students, we both work, we budget very carefully, and we are barely, barely making it.  I felt sick to my stomach after getting pulled over.  We need this money badly.

My final plea is an appeal to my good citizenship as a driver.  Our car is registered correctly, our safety inspection is up-to-date, and we have auto insurance, all of which cost money, as you know.  I am a careful driver, and my driving record reflects this.

I am sorry, and I do not have a good excuse.  I made a poor and potentially dangerous decision.  I agree with this law, and I will follow it perfectly from now on.  I cannot afford not to, both in terms of safe driving and the potential for an expensive citation.  Please accept my apology and allow me a second chance.


Brett Fairbourn


missliss5/Melissa said...

I always end up having to type my comments twice cause I think I'm done and x out the browser and then remember I have to type that dumb word. What I said was I love your letter. You accepted responsibility and then asked for kindness...a break. I hope they let it go.

Brett said...

I hate when stuff like that happens. Thanks for loving my letter... you're not a judge by chance, are you?

(clicking "Post Comment"... waiting.... there.)

Dennis said...

I know a judge, but wait, I still had to pay. But that was before I knew him. Well, good luck!

Brittney said...

I hope it works out! I HATE tickets and the way your stomach sinks when you see those flashing lights. :(

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Shannon said...

Oh no! Hopefully they are merciful to a very deserving law-abiding citizen!

Powelson Family said...

when do you get the verdict?

Patti said...

Time for another post. I feel like you live in Siberia, instead of Hawaii....