Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tsunami Warning

On March 10th, I was at the mall studying, waiting for Heidi to finish at work so I could take her home.  Our Elders Quorum president, Kevin Hallstrom, called me and informed me of the Japan earthquake and Hawaii tsunami warning.  He said we live in an evacuation zone.  He said, "Now you're true Hawaiians!"  Heidi got off of work, and I told her about it.  We went home and tried to get some information on the internet, but the internet was not working very well.  So we went out to the car to listen to the radio.  Oh, but before that, we heard a guy yelling outside.  He was saying things like, "You're all $%&#ed!  You're all gonna die!"  Someone yelled, "SHUT UP!" and he responded with "I WILL $%&#ING KILL YOU!"  (Side note: I programmed the police into my phone shortly after moving here).  I went out to find several of our neighbors on the edge of the walkways, looking at the street.  There was a homeless man, leaning over his shopping cart and yelling, "I AM JEHOVAH GOD!!  YOU'RE ALL $%@#ED!" etc.  Anyway... that was interesting.  When we went down to the car to listen to the radio, he was gone.  We didn't listen to the radio for long before we decided we better evacuate.

Kevin had offered his home, so we called him back.  We ended up staying at his brother's house, where they had more room and an extra bed.  We packed up a few things - Heidi was worried about all our stuff getting ruined, so she packed a suitcase full of clothes.  I just grabbed a change of clothes and the laptop.  We were on our way out of Waikiki, when we remembered our friends Michael and Patti, who also live on Waikiki, on the ground level, and don't have a car.  We called them, and looped around and back to their house.  After a lot of coaxing and coercing and explaining... Michael just wouldn't budge.  So we left them there and went to Jeff and Julie Hallstrom's house.

We stayed up late watching the news.

Finally, we went to bed, but set an alarm to get up and watch the news again when the tsunami was supposed to hit.  They showed footage from traffic cameras near the beach, and a shot from diamond head, looking down on a place where a resident had turned on their flood lights facing the ocean.  The Waikiki shot showed the water recede, and then rise above the walls, and recede again.  Nothing dramatic, but pretty eerie to see the sea level rise and fall like that.  The diamond head footage was crazy!  The whole reef was exposed twice, but no big surge ever came.

The next morning, we got to meet Jeff and Julie's cute kids!  I forgot to mention that we had a good time talking with Jeff and Julie during our impromptu visit to their house.  Nothing like a tsunami warning to bring people together!  They have a daughter named Heidi, and now Heidi and Heidi are good friends.

That seemed like a good time to stop recording.

Anyway, we had breakfast and went home!  Heidi had to work.  :(


missliss5/Melissa said...

I love that series of books!

Brittney said...

haha Heidi's so cute. More videos of her :)

I mean, your video of the noise was cool and stuff too......


Well YOU are cool. The noise was just a noise.

Brett said...

I agree! More videos of Heidi!! :)

Dennis said...

Okay, tsauani's all over, right? Else we're staying here.