Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pacific Swing

The day after our evacuation and sleepover at the Hallstroms, we had volunteered to usher at the Pacific Swing show at the Marriott across the street.  The producer, Jon Davidson, and the star of the show, Nathan Osmond, are both in our ward.  They said if we helped with the ushering, we could stay for the show!  It was a lot of fun, and we didn't just get to see the show... we got dinner and a show.  The food was a huge bonus.  :)

The show was SO good!  It's a new show, and they're trying to make it a permanent gig.  Nathan is really, really good.  He interacts with the audience in a way that makes the show feel really personal.  He talked about his family, including the famous family members and his wife and kids.  He joked that a portion of the proceeds from the show goes to helping children... "my children!"

At one point, he invited people to come up to the dance floor and dance, and I could not believe I actually had to convince Heidi to dance with me!  But she came, and we danced.

It was a fun, free date night, across the street from our apartment.  We loved it!


Brittney said...

Sounds super fun! Wish I could go!

Dennis said...

Nathan Osmond is talented. We got to see/hear him at a fireside here last year. Is Jon Davidson the singer of years ago, 60's?

Brett said...

He said he did a show there!! That's cool that you were there! Jon (John?) looks like he's about 40, so I don't think he was a singer in the 60's!

Brett said...

Oops, I meant "He said he did a FIRESIDE there."

Dennis said...

Probably another John Davidson. He was not LDS and did a concert at BYU. And in 1969, he was probably in his mid to late 20's.