Monday, March 7, 2011

Date Night!

We had our Friday date night on... Friday!  That's actually more remarkable than I'd like to admit.  It was FUN!  All our plans fell through, but better non-plans emerged.  We planned on going to Soho (a "mixed media bar") to see a glass blower and fire dancers, but learned the hard way that we should take the bus downtown at night or park before 6 to get one of the metered spots (don't have to pay after 6).  The only parking we found was $15.  SO... we started heading elsewhere (I think Ala Moana was our intended destination at that point?  Which is funny cause the night started with me picking up Heidi from there when she got off work)... so, we started heading to the mall and practically ran into a giant cruise ship!  It was docked right at the end of Nuuanu Avenue.  We parked in the Aloha Tower parking ($2 for a half hour) and practically ran over to see the ship during our half hour.  We talked to the security guard, an old man named Frank who served on battleships and submarines, and now he sits and guards cruise ships.  He was definitely knowledgeable about ships (don't call them boats).

I'm thankful to live in a day when my phone AND a camera are always in my pocket.

The picture doesn't quite do it justice.  I commented on how big the ship was, and Frank said, "It's the biggest."  I should have asked for clarification about that.

We ran back to the car, and couldn't leave because you have to pay CASH for parking, and we had none.  The lady wouldn't let us do a U-turn... she made the line of cars behind us back up (including a hummer limo), and we got to do the back up plus 3-point-turn of shaaaaaame.  We had to go park again so we could go to an ATM.  Awesome.  Does this mean we pay more for parking?  Heck no.  Let's find something to buy to get our parking validated.  We were planning on going to dinner somewhere anyway.  We found a sushi place... no debit cards accepted!  So we asked where the nearest ATM was, which we needed anyway.

WELL, not far from the ATM was MK Hawaii (I think?), a classic rock cover band playing Journey songs!  But wait... the band members were three 11-17 year old Japanese sisters!  (plus a 20 year old bassist, and 21 year old drummer [the only male member]).  They were AMAZING!!  We listened til the end of their set (just 3 songs, unfortunately), met their dad, brother, and grandparents, and had a great time.  THEN we went back to the sushi place.  THEN we went back to the parking lot.  THEN we got out!

Listen to the last ten seconds.  The rocking out at the beginning was great live, not so great via cell phone video.

Don't stop believin.

From there, we went to Leonard's bakery, where I got a chocolate filled malasada.  YUM.  They also had cinnamon bread for $2 a loaf.  YES, PLEASE.  We bought two.  I've been eating it with Nuttella.  Whoa.  Yum.  We went home with our sushi and baked goods and watched the A-Team, which is a great movie.  Totally ridiculous and unrealistic action with a lot of laughs.  Loved it.

Fun, fun, fun date night!  And my date was lookin SO hot.  Wow.


missliss5/Melissa said...

I love it, what a crazy night full of stories to laugh about. Love you guys!

Brittney said...

I love how you talked to everyone!! You guys rock.

Patti said...

Its great to have our computer back so we can catch up on your blog. We had to have it reformatted AGAIN! Can't talk you-know-who in to getting a new one.

Marissa Perkins said...

That ship looks AWESOME! What a fun date night. Can't wait to see ships docked... and fun fish.. your blog just makes me all sorts of excited to come to Hawaii! See you guys soon! :)

Dennis said...

Know the name of the cruise ship? And our computer is still alive, I want you to know.