Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chris and Laurie

Heidi's cousin, Laurie, and her husband, Chris, were the first in our lineup of visitors this year.  :)

Here's our schedule:

March 17-24 Chris & Laurie
April 26-May 9 Quinn & Kristy
May 30-June 1 Brett's Parents
June 14-16 Kael & Heather (flying out 22nd)
June 17-26 Family vacation in Kauai
June 30-July 3 Brett's Parents

We LOVED having Chris and Laurie here, and we miss them now that they're gone.  We relied on their camera while they were here, and they haven't posted any Hawaii pictures yet, so here's one we stole from facebook just to give you an idea of how much fun these people are:

Their incessant smoking did get a little old, but it was worth it.

Did I mention that we loved having them here?  We've been so stressed, mostly about finances, and having a couple of fun-loving tourists stay with us was a breath of fresh air.  We went to the north shore and did a (very) quick little hike, where the wind was gusting like crazy and the waves rolled in without gaps in between.  We went to Haleiwa and had shaved ice.  We snorkeled in Turtle Bay (I think?) and Hanauma Bay (that one I'm sure of).  In Hanauma bay we saw TURTLES!!!  Finally!!!  I love sea turtles, and I saw five of them.  I learned after the first two that I should not tell other people when I've found a turtle, or else I quickly get crowded out by the swarming turtle-harassers.  I found myself feeling quite upset when people were not careful with the reef or the turtles... maybe I'm an ocean hippie?  Still... I want to try grabbing onto a turtle and letting it pull me around!  I won't do it, but... man, it looks fun.  The first turtle I saw was the biggest.  It had a barnacle on its head, and looked like the godfather of the reef.  I dove down next to it and held onto the reef with two fingers, kicking my fins a bit to stay in place.  The turtle was feeding on the reef, and as I was watching it, it came over to me!  I was only a couple feet away, but it came toward me until it touched my arm with its front flipper.  My gosh... I love sea turtles!  Definitely my favorite animal.

Anyway, we snorkeled, sunbathed, and snorkeled again.  We spent about five hours at Hanauma Bay, and we loved it.  It was Heidi's first really enjoyable snorkeling experience.  Hanauma Bay is free for Hawaii residents, so I definitely think we'll be making more trips over there!

We also went out to dinner at South Shore Grill and to frozen yogurt at Menchies while Chris and Laurie were here.  A very generous couple that was visiting a few weeks ago gave us TWO entertainment books, so we've been using coupons whenever we do anything.

We really, really had a blast with Chris and Laurie, and we are sad that they're gone.


Brittney said...

Sounds like maybe you had fun? ;)

sorry about the money stress. I would be stressed too. Hope you figure out something to help reduce your worries.

missliss5/Melissa said...

That sounds AWESOME!!!!! Minus the blasted money stress. love you lots

Dennis said...

Turtles are a lot of fun to swim along side, when they let you. You will get to see many turtles at Tunnels!