Monday, February 21, 2011

Yellowtail Coris

Lindsay and I have started exchanging fish and bird pictures... thought I'd post this one to the blog, cause it's really cool.

This is a cool one!  I saw a juvenile AND an adult female today, and had no idea they were the same fish.  I thought I had found two new fish... pretty cool that they are the same species!  I went out deep today.  The adult was at about 15 feet and the juvenile about 20 feet.  The adult was out swimming around, and the juvenile was hiding in the nook of a coral, only coming out once in a while to see if I was gone (I assume).

Very cool fish!

(all those pictures are of ONE species!)

Love you... send me a bird!  :)

~ Brett

(the adult I saw looked like this one, except that I didn't notice a pointy fin on the anterior of the dorsal fin)

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Brittney said...

wow, such a pretty fish.