Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walking with Heidi

Yesterday Heidi and I wanted to see a new part of the island.  We didn't have much time, so we drove about a half hour to Kahe Point beach.  Here's a picture I took with my phone.

I should have taken a picture facing toward land... it was amazing.  Palm trees with big, green mountains behind them.  Beautiful!

We tried to snorkel, but the water was really murky due to big waves... so we watched some talented surfers and walked along the beach.  We found a bunch of cool stuff... this was the best item!


Brittney said...

so cool! So I'm curious if you guys have sort of settled into life there and it doesn't feel like a vacation anymore and you're starting to see how you could take the beauty and nice weather for granted??

I just know it's so easy to take awesome things for granted (like living in your parents' amazing house for two years)... you get to a point where you forget how amazing your situation is... because it just becomes normal.

It also makes me realize that happiness is not in the things we own or the places we live because even when you have it all (an amazing house or amazing place to live), it becomes "the norm" quickly and you have to find happiness elsewhere.

Brett said...

It definitely does not feel like a vacation... BUT when do get time to go on an adventure, we feel like we're in a wonderful place for it. And I love going for a swim in this amazing water for exercise. The main thing I keep trying not to take for granted is I'm not cold, and I'm not hot. The temperature here is just so comfortable all the time. I love it.

missliss5/Melissa said...

That is so cool looking!