Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Things Never Change

Well folks,

You can take the girl out of school, but you can't take the "starving student" mentality out of the girl.

I was freakin out a bit about the price of those shoes. I kept searching and searching, trying to find the perfect pair. Cause if I was spending $99 for one, you can bet your britches I wouldn't be buying a second. Here is the little nugget of golden knowledge I discovered....

There is no, nor will there ever be, ONE PAIR of shoes that can be dressy, yet casual, comfortable, yet stylish, brown, yet can we worn with black, durable, yet not a combat boot.


So after being paralyzed by the price tag of the alluring Sofft (thank you Natalie for the spelling note :) ), I opted for a $30 pair of knock-offs and a REALLY cute dress. :)

The shoes I bought are black, stylish, and pretty comfortable. They will probably last 6 months. But the price was right, and I didn't feel a moral dilemma at the register.

AND now I have the funds to buy a second pair. My sweet mom sent me some lovin in the form of dollar bills.


Brittney said...

What a nice mother!!!!

Knock-offs are awesome. I hope they're comfortable enough to endure your long hours on your feet!

missliss5/Melissa said...

Well done!

Brett said...

I love you Heidi.