Wednesday, February 2, 2011

School... for the first time since April 2008

This is my second week of classes at HPU, and I really like it so far.  I have two classes plus a field experience course (student teaching at a high school).  The field experience hasn't started yet, but I just got cleared to start (had to get fingerprinted, etc.) so I'm looking forward to that - it will be 6 hours per week.  My two classes are Monday 5-8pm and Thursday 5-8pm.  I don't know if I would have picked that schedule, but it's great for a few reasons:

1. I don't have to do homework until the day of the class, because it doesn't start until 5.  So Monday can be ED 6470 day, and Thursday can be ED 6000 day.  So I'm hoping for a schedule like this:

Monday - ED 6470 homework and class
Tuesday - Sell pest control
Wednesday - Sell pest control
Thursday - ED 6000 homework and class
Friday - Field experience (go to high school all day!)
Saturday - Sell pest control if I haven't reached 3 sales for the week already.

Uh... just realized I started a numbered list up there.  The other reasons are in the schedule... days open to make money, and Friday field experience... I hope that works with my mentor teacher.  We'll see.  I'm calling her back today.  I called earlier and they put me through to her CLASSROOM phone at 10am.  Stupid!  I asked if I could leave a message for her, and instead they made me interrupt her class.  She said, "I can't talk right now because I'm in the middle of class," and I thought, "NO KIDDING.  I swear I'm not this stupid.  I asked to leave you a MESSAGE."  Oh well, not a big deal, but not the best first contact with my mentor teacher.

ED 6470 is curriculum and teaching for world languages.  There were two of us in the class, so they combined us with a TESOL class (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).  I like it so far, but part of me feels a little ripped off... this is not actually the class I'm paying for.  But the teacher is definitely making it work for us.  He wrote a new syllabus for the two of us, gave us different assignments, and the class material seems to be about second language acquisition in general, so it should work great.  Here's the view from that classroom's window:

You can just barely see the ocean on the left side.

ED 6000 is "The Professional Educator."  I'll have that class for the second time tomorrow, so I don't have a really firm grasp on what that class will be like yet.  Last week the Hawaii Teacher of the Year came to speak to us.  Cool guy.  Not a great presenter, but obviously loves his students like crazy.  He had lots of good "outside the box" ideas, and his ineloquent presentation made me realize being a great teacher has a lot to do with just loving the students, and not so much with being a great "teacher" in the traditional, classroom sense.  So that was a confidence builder.  I can love students.

This morning Heidi and I had another great swim.  Saw a new fish... I had hoped to post pictures of fish on this blog as we discover them, but it's surprisingly difficult to get the right fish with a Google search like "Big, dark, white spotted fish Oahu."  Although that search gave me another, more common fish that I really like.  These guys are cool:

I love swimming with Heidi in the morning.  She pushes me to actually make it a workout, and I distract her every time I want her to stop and look at something cool.  :)

Pest control sales have not started yet... Terminix is a big, slow, stupid ship.  I'm a bit frustrated about that, obviously.  So... back to work for Unify... such a blessing to have a job.  Life is so good.  I'm looking forward to major increase in earning potential with pest control, though.  3 sales a week is a completely reasonable goal, and it would give me about a 50% weekly increase in income with less hours, plus a bonus check every six months (about $5,000).  Of course, these are all estimates, but there is no reason why I couldn't meet these goals.  Even if I just play the numbers game, I can knock on enough doors to find those 3 people that just found roaches in their bathroom, or had their cereal attacked by ants, or have been meaning to call a pest control company.

Sidenote: We recently found a roach in our bathroom.  Our first visitor!


Brittney said...

eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww roaches! Seeing pictures of your adventure makes it more real, and makes me more jealous. But I hope selling pest control works out for you big time so your financial burden is lighter! And yes, you'll be a great teacher just BECAUSE you love the kids. That's 90% of teaching in my opinion. (I guess Kent's opinion would be better here though)

missliss5/Melissa said...

I enjoyed hearing a bit about your classes! And the view from your classroom window! And that's the cleanest toilet scrubber brush I've ever seen, lol

Heidi said...

I great big AMEN to melissa. Ha ha ha it has yet to be used. I'm not keeping a messy apartment, it's just that Brett helps me keep things nice so it's easier to maintain.

Brittney! EWWWWWWWW is exactly what I said and jumped on the bed. I told him we had to sleep with the bathroom door shut, but then Brett said the roach could still get me. I told him if I woke up with a roach on my face I would kill him, as in Brett :)