Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hardworking Heidi

My Heidi works so hard.  She works full-time at Chico's and also takes online classes from Weber State.  Right now she's at the library taking a test.  She spent a LOT of time looking, researching, and phone-calling until she found a proctor that is approved by Weber State and does not cost a truckload.  She found a librarian to proctor for her, for $10 per test.  She usually takes her tests on Saturdays, but because of her work schedule and the librarian's unexpected trip out of town starting tomorrow, she had to hurry and take the test this morning before she goes to work.  She didn't get to study much, and I'm praying that Heavenly Father puts the answers in her brain.  She would have studied more if she had time!!

I love my Heidi so much, and I wish we had more money.  But we don't, and she works so hard to keep us going, and at the same time she's taking these classes.  In one of her classes she has missed ONE point the whole semester!  So she has a 99.99% in the class.  She's so smart, so hardworking, and then she still has the ability to be happy and make me laugh ALL the time.  She is a superhero, and she inspires me to use my time wisely, get my homework done, and spend as much time as I can working for Unify.

Speaking of which... back to my homework...

I love you, Heidi.


missliss5/Melissa said...

It's so much easier to do hard work and such when you feel loved and appreciated. Good job, Heidi, and good job, Brett

Brittney said...

awwww how sweet. Way to go Heidi for working so hard and still being cheerful about it all.