Thursday, February 3, 2011

Financial Aid Frustration

Gotta vent a little... why not the blog?

Open enrollment for our health insurance ends on the 7th.  You can't pay for the insurance monthly, you pay it all up front.  Is it just me, or is that REALLY STUPID?  $4,000+, now.  Well, no problem, because my financial aid check was ready a while back.  I called the day before it was ready and they offered to call me so I could pick it up, rather than mailing it.  I said that would be great, and left them my phone number.  The next day, I updated my mailing address with HPU just in case.  A couple days later, I called the financial aid people again to see if my check was ready.  "We mailed it on the 26th."  "I asked to be called on the phone so I could come pick it up!"  "Oh, well we mailed it."  "Great... well, I recently updated my address, can you check to make sure it was mailed to my Hawaii address and not my Utah address?"  After a short wait, she read off my Hawaii address.  "Yes, that's my current address, but I just updated it the other day.  Is there some way you can see which address the check was actually mailed to?"  Another short wait... "Yeah, we mailed it to your Hawaii address."

Phew... sigh of relief.  It will get here in time.

A week later, it hasn't arrived, so I call again... "We mailed it on the 26th."  Yeah, I know, that was BAD.  So... "I still haven't seen it."  "Let me transfer you to [so-and-so], who can stop payment on that check and cut you a new one."  GREAT!  Transfer, ring, explain, "Okay, I'll stop payment on that.  Do you want to come pick up the new check?"  YES!!!  JUST LIKE THE LAST ONE.  "Yeah, that would be great.  Will it be ready today?"  "No, it will take 5 business days to process."  Explain health insurance predicament... of course, nothing he can do.  "Is there some way you can check if it was actually mailed to my Utah address?"  "Let's see... yup, looks like you updated your address on the same day we mailed it out, so it was sent to your Utah address."  Holy CRAP are you serious???  If the other person had actually figured that out instead of just telling me an optimistic GUESS, I would have stopped payment a week ago and had a new check TODAY.

So... hoping the check arrives in Ogden, gets forwarded, and arrives back in Honolulu before Monday.  I did not stop payment on it, because it has a better chance of getting here in time than a new check.


Heidi said...

So frustrating.

Brittney said...

oh that stinks Brett. I would call the post office in Ogden and see if they think it will really be faster than stopping payment, because in my experience - forwarding to a new address by the post office can take weeks.

missliss5/Melissa said...

Holy crap. I hate stupid stuff like that.

missliss5/Melissa said...

I agree---takes up to 2 weeks for forwarded mail to arrive. Take it from someone who has moved 15 times.

missliss5/Melissa said...

P.S. The personal touch might help you. Go to the office of the person who reissues the checks and bring a box of Valentine's candy hearts and beg. Not kidding. If the person has a heart those 5 days might get fast forwarded.

Brett said...

Check arrived yesterday!! Whew!