Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back in the Water

Oh my gosh... today I went swimming for the first time this week.  Horrible I know.  But this time I swam outside the protected area.  I noticed the following:

1. It's WAY more fun.
2. When the beach seems really crowded, and the water isn't treacherous, just go out to deeper water!  Turns out there's plenty of ocean to go around.  Even on Waikiki in mid afternoon.
3. FISH!!!  WHOA!!!

Lindsay, are you reading this?  Cause I thought of you when I was out there.  I wondered if you still do much bird watching.  Cause I think we could have a lot of fun exchanging discoveries.  You show me pictures of birds you like, I show you pictures of fish I like.  Deal?

IT. WAS. AMAZING.  I went out to deeper water, and I was careful to avoid really shallow reef cause there were some decent waves.  I loved how I'd get sucked out a little ways before a wave, and then surged the opposite direction when the swell came.  Here's where I went...

I didn't swim a straight course (had to chase fish, find ways around shallow reef, etc), but that's the overall route I took.  It was a long, incredibly fun swim.  I went with mask and snorkel, no fins, as usual.  Here are some highlights (locations numbered on the picture)

1.  HUGE school of HUGE fish!!!  My eyes were popping out of my head.  Each fish was at least a foot and a half long, and there were about 150 of them.  They were mostly one kind (this is where I want to "play" with Lindsay so I can start IDENTIFYING fish), but there were others mixed in, including a HUGE parrot fish, and a fish that was shaped like a triggerfish, but with dorsal and belly fins that waved like grass.  All black except for a white stripe between the body and the dorsal/belly fins.  Gotta identify that one!  I followed and swam among this school for a long time.  Surrounded.  Amazing.

2.  Here I found about eight big fish.  Not as tall as the ones in the big school, but longer.  A couple of them were probably over three feet long.  Big eyes, big "V" shaped tails, 3 fins down the belly... gotta identify these guys, too.  Silver colored with tinges of green.

3. Here there's some exposed reef.  It really kills the waves, so it's safe to get close to the reef on the shore side.  Lots of fish here, including a long, trout-shaped fish that was all black with white spots on the head half and silver stripes on the tail half.

4.  This was a cool wall of reef with fish hiding in every nook.  I also chased an eel through open water here.  Just a little one... maybe a foot long.

Those are the highlights.  Wish I had an underwater camera.  If I ever start to complain or sound like I'm taking Hawaii for granted, someone please ask me, "Brett, when was the last time you went for a long swim out to deeper water?"

Gotta start DIVING!!!  But I need weights still.  No spare money at the moment.

MAN that was fun today!!!


missliss5/Melissa said...

Fun to read sounds like you are really enjoying the fish!

Heidi said...

Melissa I love that you always comment on our posts. It makes me think that it is worth it to even write anything. :)

You rock!

I love you so much

Brittney said...

I love reading your blog too. SO FUN to live vicariously through you guys.

Can you explain what the protected area is? Protected from what? Who is protected?

Marissa Perkins said...

I CAN'T WAIT! What weights do you have to have for diving?

Brett said...

Yup, Melissa and Brittney make blogging fun... I hereby commit to be a more frequent reader/commenter on other people's blogs. Brittney, there's an area with a man-made wall that keeps the water perfectly calm - protected from the waves. Marissa, you have to have dive weights (on a belt or in weight pouches) or else you just float... especially if you're wearing a wetsuit.

Lindsay said...

Is this on? I'm having a hard time getting my comment to post. Third time is a charm...right?

I'm excited about your interest in fish. Hopefully the birds I like don't eat the fish you like. :) Check your email for a photo.