Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today Hawaiian life consisted of organizing my closet, sweeping and mopping our entire apartment, and partially cleaning our bathroom. Anyone jealous? ha haha. Yes the weather is great, and the beach is a block away, but am I there? Not today...

I feel a bit out of place here. I get up and don't have to be anywhere. I know this moment will pass so quickly, but it feels so strange not to have to go to school (I do have to do my homework for two online classes, but I stay at home to do those). And I am in that lovely limbo state known as "unemployed" as I sift through Honolulu with a tooth brush looking for a job.

So far I found many retail and sales positions. GUCK! I mean retail would not be so bad, but there is no earing potential there. Sales... yeah no. The other night I was searching on the Hawaiian Star (the job site for Honolulu) and I found a job perfectly tailored for a Marketing Major. I said to Brett, "Hey here is one I am totally qualified and trained for.... I think I'd rather gag." It's not that I hate my major. I LOVE my studies, I just hate the "sales" aspect of it. I think my old job put a bad taste in my mouth that I won't soon recover from.

But... as I told Brett, I am looking for something lucrative so we can afford to live a block from the beach. If my search comes up with only retail and sales jobs by the end of this week, I will need to suck it up and swallow hard.

If all else fails, I hear Delta is hiring flight attendants. My wouldn't they love a terrified flight attendant serving tomato juice and peanuts!

Ha ha :)

Back to the hunt.


Carlee Jean said...

Okay here's the thing Heidi, I say flight attendant all the way! And why? Then you could come and visit :)

Brittney said...

okay, I love that you posted Heidi! It will help me get to know you better!

First of all I love how you write.

Secondly, "GUCK" totally sounds like Brett. Are you guys related or something?

Thirdly, I hate sales too. HATE. Not sure how Brett can handle pest control. I sold it over the phone part-time for less than a year, and that was way better than door to door, and it still was terrible.

Fourthly, I hope you do find something lucrative! That would be nice. But yeah, I think that might mean sales :(

Finally, a "terrified flight attendant"? Are you scared of flying???