Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our new blog

Aloha friends and family!  This is our new blog for remembering and sharing stuff about our time in Hawaii.  It's called "O WAHOO!" because we're creative and punny and we're happy to be living on Oahu.  :)  I want to blog frequently, so I'm not going to start a precedent of writing a lot.  For this first post, I just want to say that I feel so GRATEFUL.  We are pretty flabbergasted at the expenses here, but we've managed to put together a pretty dang classy little apartment with the help of gift cards from the wedding and Craigslist.

Disclaimer: I'm not going to be shy about how blessed we are here.  I'm not trying to brag or rub anything in anyone's face.  I used to post on Facebook when I had a great bike ride, and people said, "Yeah!  Go Brett!"  But now if I post about going swimming on Waikiki in the morning, people say, "Jerk, don't rub it in."  So... SORRY we live in Hawaii now, but I loved life before and I love life now!  :)

So, a list of material blessings that make our little apartment ROCK:
- KING SIZE BED!!!  WHOA!!!  Thank you Craigslist!!
- Table and chairs.  It's a black card table and 4 chair set.  Just a card table, but it looks pretty dang good.
- Dishes from Bed, Bath, and Beyond... thank you wedding gift givers!
- Computer/printer/high shelves desk made out of a storage shelf set from Target.  We placed the shelves so as to make a desk instead of a storage space.  WAY cheaper than a nice desk, and yet, it looks like a nice desk... sort of contemporary chrome style.  :)
- Futon... fully assembled as of today.  Bought on craigslist, had to go to Home Depot to get some missing nuts and bolts.  It looks GREAT and now we have a place to sit down in the living room!  AND a place to sleep when visitors take our king size bed... wink wink hint hint nudge nudge.
- Snorkel gear... got Heidi a full set for $20.  The fins are a little small, though... but the mask works great for her.
- Body boards.  NICE ONES.  Craigslist.
- New fridge!  The one that was here when we moved in was not working so well.  They got us a brand new one!
- Tile floors... nice and cool, easy to clean, no worries if we spill, have wet feet, whatever.

Our apartment is just SO NICE and I thought we'd have a not-so-nice place because everything is expensive here.  It's a great, great, great place to come home to.  And my wife lives here.  :)

So much for not writing much.  Of course.  :)  Love you all.

~ Brett


missliss5/Melissa said...

Awww Brett I'm so thrilled to hear you guys are off to such a great start! That's way fun! My dream spot is on a Hawaiian secluded beach.... So I smile triple big imagining the amazing two years you will have there. Love you both

Lindsay said...

I'm not sure how to compete with Melissa's triple big smile...but I'm happy for you too/two (take your pick). I'd love to see photos of your place in another post...?

Brittney said...


I mean, actually I have a quadruple big smile.

Way to go on finding all the deals. I wish we could come visit you AND go on the family vacay, but I don't think that would happen. Can't believe you'd give up your king size bed for guests? So nice of you.

Patti said...

Love knowing you are all set up! Great job on the shopping on craigslist! Whoohoo! And, now all we need is your address! Love you both!